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Millions of websites are cyber-attacked every day.

And businesses, which are potential targets for all these attacks, unfortunately do not have the necessary information and protection. One of the main reasons for this is that companies do not show enough sensitivity to security, but the priority is always cost.

Companies are seized at the start-up stage.

According to the data revealed in our studies as NodSec team, the vast majority of companies are compromised at the installation stage.

In the process, cyber bullies make their presence known through a variety of methods such as ransomware and even system wiping.

Cyber attack tools and technologies are evolving every day and the protection methods you use are becoming a thing of the past. Firewalls now serve as a visible window for cyber bullies.

However, security, which is ignored due to cost, can cause financial damage in completely different dimensions by infiltrating e-mails with important correspondence, stealing user data belonging to companies, ransomware, and even reselling the stolen information to companies for money, and cyber bullies love this method…


During the digital solution partnership we have been providing to companies for more than 10 years under the roof of WebAdHere;

After observing the vulnerabilities that companies do not realize; we decided to pioneer an idea that can save businesses from the need for a staff in terms of security and produce cost-effective solutions.

Today, with the NodSec brand, under which we offer end-to-end solutions in the field of cyber security, we offer companies the security solutions they need with cost advantages in more than one item.

In this context, we have built a foundation where companies can access the necessary information on cyber security free of charge, scan their systems in multiple sources and get information about generally accepted protection technologies. 

As the NodSec team, we offer affordable and even full-time monitoring systems to businesses by preparing packages that will protect your system with the current cyber attack technologies we follow, the protection tools we have developed and important cloaking parameters.

Use full-time tracking systems for your safety.


Remember: "Every system is secure until it is breached and security is never 100% possible. The important thing is to stay up to date and always take precautions."

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