Frequently Asked Questions

NodSec products provide end-to-end solutions for your system. These solutions include not only viruses or firewalls, but much more. NodSec products protect every part of your site, starting with your domain name. Threats exist in many areas, not just your site.
These include

  • Mail service
  • Databases
  • File paths
  • DNS records
  • SSL certificate
  • Web panels

can be listed as. In this sense, NodSec offers complementary and continuous solutions not only for your website but also for your system.

NodSec is compatible with all off-the-shelf systems and coded software. However, to be sure, you can contact us in advance about the system you are using and make your purchases accordingly.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS system in the world. The more users, the more attackers. Since more than 80% of the websites in the world are WordPress, this leads to more threats. But not only WordPress, all systems are open to threats and attackers. The important thing is to protect the system.

WordPress is one of the few systems in terms of comprehensive, success and performance. More than 80% of the websites prepared are created with WordPress. This is more than enough to make it the largest and most comprehensive system.

For example; If you want to set up an e-commerce site and connect a payment infrastructure, normally such connections can cause you trouble and difficulty. Securing it, configuring page settings and making API connections at the same time is a painful process. However, thanks to WordPress, these processes can be solved quickly and easily with many plugins.

NodSec products are tailored to your needs. All products follow each other and do not make it difficult for you to choose. You do not have to buy 2-3 products at once. In general, the NodSec Pro product can provide end-to-end protection.

There is no 100% guarantee for any software product in the world, and this situation is even worse in the security sector. It is necessary to follow and keep up with threats that develop and change every day. In some cases, an unknown threat and associated risky vulnerabilities may occur. Our priority is always to recognize general and potential threats in advance and to close vulnerabilities to address these threats, but despite all this, 100% security guarantee is not possible in the security and software industry.

There are multiple ways to find out if your site is under attack. The simplest of these; cPanel, Plesk or on your web hosting panel,

  • Visitors
  • Resource utilization
  • Bandwidth

you may need to follow the sections.

If you do not yet know how your system is doing, we recommend that you first turn to the NodSec Scan product. After the detailed test provided with this product, you will be informed about the security status of your system. If your system is secure, you can continue without purchasing a product, and if problems are found, you can purchase packages and start protection.

Every operation done to the systems affects the speed. However, there are no noticeable performance losses that will affect the index or miss your visitors.

If NodSec products do not work or fail on your system, your payment will be refunded.

The following NodSec products take 1 day to prepare or install on your system:

  • NodSec Scan
  • NodSec SSL & CDN
  • NodSec Mid
  • NodSec Hitman
  • NodSec Pro
  • NodSec Monitoring

After installation in the system, the following products are manually tracked for 1 week:

  • NodSec Mid
  • NodSec Hitman
  • Nodsec Pro

Your system will be thoroughly and progressively tested before proceeding. If your system is deemed inadequate for these procedures, your money will be refunded. In this sense, it is not possible for NodSec scanning to damage your system. If your system is sufficient, the tests are continued and the processes are completed. The following 1 week is tested manually.

You can scan your site before and after the transaction via the "Free Scan" link in the side menu and compare the results yourself. In addition, NodSec will always provide you with a report on the security improvements made.

In order to see if your system is vulnerable, we need to run a scan with the NodSec Scan product. However, you can also run simple and quick scans yourself via the "Free Scan" link in the menu on the side menu and see the threats.

The following NodSec products are paid annually,

  • NodSec SSL & CDN
  • NodSec Hitman
  • NodSec Monitoring

The following NodSec products are one-time payments,

  • NodSec Mid
  • Nodsec Pro

NodSec Hitman product continues as NodSec Pro package when the annual payment is not made.

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