NodSec Hitman

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The NodSec Hitman product benefits you in many areas. It all starts with testing your system and after a complete scan, vulnerabilities and limits are identified. Basic security is provided across your entire site, starting with your domain name. The server is monitored 24/7 and response times are tracked. In 30-minute periods, necessary actions can be taken as a result of follow-up.

NodSec Hitman product:

Security Test Reports
Load Balancing
DDoS Protection
SSL / TLS Encryption
Always Online
Web Application Firewall
Brute Force Protection
Bot Blocking
Scripts and SQL Protection
Secure File Paths
Privacy Protection
XML-RPC Security
Text Mapping
URL Mapping
Safe Login
Header Security
Sitemap Security
Robots Security
24/7 Protection
Real-time Monitoring

systems and protects your system from many attacks.

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It is the top level product of NodSec packages that provides a complete and continuous solution. DNS change may be required.

NodSec Hitman product is provided as continuous follow-up / service (1 Year). When you do not want to continue, your package continues as NodSec Pro product without charge.

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