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The NodSec SSL & CDN product not only provides unlimited and constantly renewed SSL certificates to your domain name, but also helps you protect from DDoS attacks and work with data distribution centers around the world. In this sense, it provides benefits in many areas.

No matter where your server is located, thanks to the NodSec SSL & CDN product, your site is broadcast over a wide network through servers located in many parts of the world. In this way, your site stays online with international and domestic high performance.

Thanks to Load Balancing, the server load is assumed and distributed, ensuring equal load distribution. Even if your site goes offline, it keeps you online and tolerates server and site slowness.

Always Online keeps your site online for a while even if your system goes offline.

There are millions of DDoS attacks every day. DDoS, one of the biggest known attacks, takes your site offline for a while or permanently. NodSec SSL & CDN product protects you from such attacks.

SSL certificate and correct DNS registration are important. Even more important is who issued the certificate and how often it is renewed. If your site does not have an SSL certificate, access to your site will be restricted by browsers and search engines will not index you.

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NodSec SSL & CDN product is provided annually.

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