Why NodSec?

The vast majority of companies are attacked in the first installation.

The most important reason for this is that companies do not attach the necessary importance to cyber security and think “It won’t happen to us”. Web site, mail or application; Regardless of the system in question, when it is done in-house or through another company, the priority is always shaped around cost and cyber security is not among these priorities.

It is of course true that cost is very important, but what happens when company information is compromised or becomes unusable?

What happens when company information is exposed?

WordPress-based sites in particular use a very broad and generic infrastructure.

When plugins, themes and file paths are completely exposed, you become an ideal target for cyber-bullies for easy and effortless attacks. Not only WordPress system paths, but DNS / IP vulnerabilities are also extremely important.

NodSec aims and provides end-to-end protection of all systems. For the protection of web systems, it is not enough to hide only the admin path. For example; Digitally hosted downloadable products can be downloaded completely free of charge in a few seconds if the file paths are not hidden.

Your website’s theme or plugins are nobody’s business. Easy access to plugin and theme data can mean that your website can be attacked in a short time through vulnerabilities in these plugins and themes. In this case, antivirus plugins are not very useful either.

It is important that systems are up to date. However, when it comes to cyber security, it is not enough just to keep the system up to date. It is necessary to close and hide all the endpoints of the current system because cyber bullies will scan your entire system in detail for vulnerabilities.

Simply keeping the system up to date is not enough.

So, is there any need to be so afraid?

You are not even a known company…

Trial and error attacks are a very popular and common type of attack. Your newly acquired domain name and newly built website will first be placed on a listening list and subjected to brute force attacks. These attacks can serve many purposes such as crashing the site, uploading hidden files and taking action when the time comes, tracking, monitoring, tracking, advertising or linking.

As NodSec team, we will continue to protect you against cyber bullies with all the information we have.

Anything can happen to your site at any moment and you may not even be aware of your security weakness. If all your information is gone at a crucial moment, it could make things more difficult than you expected. Remember: There is and never will be complete protection. That’s why regular research and experimentation is vital for web security.

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